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ATTENTION: Online sellers...
Do You Want To Increase Your Sales Online... Without Fighting For The Cheapest Price?
Are you struggling to sell online?
too many competition and Very little to no profit?
Losing money on selling not winning products? 

Don't know how to choose a winning products to sell and make customers buy more?

Looking for a consistent sales every day?
You have products to sell, but you don't know how to get "Ready To Buy" buyers line up to buy your products?
...and how to make them buy more of it..
You found a product and thought that it would be selling good...
After you setup all the necessary steps (find supplier, product details, pricing, stocking up, advertising strategy) and ready to market it.

You go ahead and sell it to public, but at the end of the day, its a waste of time...and you actually do not make a lot of profit..

It takes your time, your hard work....
At the end, just a waste of time.. hard work, and your money and you don't know how to sell it..

I was once in this situation... Its frustrated.. and doesn't feel good at all..
Then, I found a way, a formula, a framework that works...
Its not like that at first...

I have experienced the problems you are facing now..

Its not your fault, you are just not yet discovered the formula that works and...

... you are just one sales funnel away to achieve your goals.
Traditional selling 
Funnel selling
How using a sales funnel can increase your profit 2X, 3X and more...

If you send customers to buy just 1 product and that's it. No upsell, no package offer. Your customer will just buy 1 product or not at all.. end of story..

What if....

You send customers through a "WELL DESIGNED" sales funnel, where they not only buy just 1 product at the front end, but there will be "Automated" upsell in place for them to buy again another product, and another product.... packaged and designed beautifully...

They not only pay (if the 1 product is RM50), they will pay for 1 product + another upsell product + another one.... its more than RM50 to whatever amount you can imagine..there is no limit...

That is the beauty of a sales funnel... 

It increases your customers Average Order Value instantly..

And I have this PROVEN workable formula and funnels for you to implement... step-by-step can just plug your product in...and start selling..

Founder of

He started his own online business since 2009.

Since then, he sold over 231,776 orders through online.

He has over 40,899 agents registered through his platform. And started to pass down his knowledge to his agents through online membership area.
What would it be like if you can have a system that make sure your sales coming in consistently everyday?
Once you setup your sales funnel correctly...

It can run automatically every day...

You don't have to worry about the sales...

And imagine you can hear the payment notification on your phone while you are driving, while you are playing with your kids, while you are doing something else...

You know your funnel selling is working for you...
It's really fun and satisfied :)
when you can always hear the sound of payment notification. 

Our customers are getting result like this...
Whizet V2.0
Whizet V2.0
Proven sales funnel, winning products and swipe files for you to copy & paste
Here's what you get when you join
Proven Sales Funnel (Value RM1,997)
A proven sales funnel that bring in RM46,146 in 31 days..with just 1 product..

You can get the complete sales funnel and just swipe your product in. 

Doesn't need to be selling Whizet items. You can just put your product in the funnel. The formula work.

I will show you step-by-step and how the funnel is designed and why its designed this way. It's all formula.
How to select products that sell 
(Value RM597)
You get a complete checklist on how to select a winning product that sell.

So you can identify it before wasting time and money to invest in it.
Funnel framework (RM997)
You can also get the funnel blueprint, not only selling physical product.

You can sell info product, or your service using this "Built in & Proven" funnel template. Just swipe your own product or service.
And, on this page only, you're going to get 3 more exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1 (Value RM597)
Payment Integration

Get "1-click-upsell" features on your funnel so your customers can easily upgrade their order on the way to checkout.

This is "FREE" money you are losing out if you don't have this in your sale funnel.

And receive your payment notification on your mobile phone 24/7.
Bonus #2 (Value RM997)
Facebook Messenger Automation

How to automatically reply to your customers without you to monitor the comments manually..

This will save you tons of time to have a good customer service your customers deserved.

Plus, it can follow up your customers automatically if they don't buy at the first time..
Bonus #3 (Value RM997)
Email Auto Follow Up Machine

How to auto follow your customers using email set up together with the sales funnel?

You can follow up customers automatically using this "Auto Follow Up Machine".

This together with facebook messenger auto follow up will ensure your customers get your message in this noisy marketing world.
You get a complete sales funnel, swipe files for you to copy & paste, facebook messenger & email auto follow up machine, payment integration for 1 click upsell, proven funnel template so you can run your online business profitably and consistently.

All above at special price just for you today!
Only today. Limited Spot Available.
limited time offer!
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
I'm 100% confident that if you follow my step-by-step guide and do not get results in 30 days, you can just send me an email to request for full refund, and you still get to keep the things you learn.
You are just one sales funnel away..
Traditional way of selling no longer work. 

You can have your online business run with a sales funnel and make sales consistently everyday.

Remember, you're just one sales funnel away...

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Join Whizet V2.0!
  • ​Proven sales funnel so you can get out of competition of pricing and start to make profit consistently (RM1,997 Value)
  • How to select products that sell so you don't waste time and money again (RM597 Value)
  • ​Funnel framework so you can sell not only the physical product (RM997 Value)
  • ​Payment integration so you can increase your sales 2x, 3x and more (RM597 Value)
  • Facebook messenger automation so you can have a system auto follow your customers on facebook post comments (RM997 Value)
  • ​Email auto follow up machine so you can auto follow up your customers on their buying journey  (RM997 Value)
Total Value: RM6,182
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only RM997
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